These modular touch-controlled lights have 7 modules to create hundreds of combinations. They stick on the wall and include a table stand too, creating cool lights for any room. HEXlights can also be activated with remote control to try the different colors and effects.


  • Choose your design and which HEXlight will be plugged into the included USB power cable.
  • Use the included USB connectors and our unique invisible-connectors, and build your HEXlight pattern—straight line, flower , abstract, whatever your imagination can dream up.
  • Use the double-sided stickers to mount your HEXlights on the wall or window, or place on a table using the included stand.
  • For video instructions click

How to Use

  • Touch feature activates after 3 seconds of touch, and allows you to choose from 7 colors plus white, or transitioning from color to color.
  • Remote control gives you the options of 4 levels of brightness; 12 colors plus white; jump, fade, and flash modes and even a 30-minute timer.
  • Choose your lighting setup to match your mood or space.
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