These LED modules are app-controlled and Alexa activated. They have 7 modules and invisible connectors to create countless combinations, can be mounted on the wall and include a table stand. HEXlights Smart can switch between 6 main effects and 9 special modes.


  • Choose your design and which HEXlight will be plugged into the included USB power cable.
  • Use the included USB connectors and our unique invisible connectors, and build your HEXlights pattern—straight line, flower, abstract, whatever your imagination can dream up!
  • Use the double-sided stickers to mount your HEXlights on the wall or window, or place them on a table using the included stand.
  • For video instructions click

How to Use

  • Follow the included instructions to assemble your HEXlights in any desired configuration, with the USB connectors arrows pointing away from the powered light module. Download the Smart Life OR Tuya App on your phone as instructed, then power up HEXlights to sync with your phone.
  • Hold down the power button on the Wifi Module until the lights start blinking rapidly, and follow the Smart Life App prompts to complete the process.
  • Once HEXlights and your phone are connected, have fun exploring the various features: select between 16 million colors, 9 special modes, 6 pre-programmed effects , Music modes, 100 levels of speed control, 100 levels of brightness control, and a timer.
  • HEXlights can also connect to Alexa and Google Home!
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