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Trendy Wall Lights

These bright and beautiful colors are visually stunning and stimulating for any teenager. HEXlights brighten any space with 13 colors. Use the many colors to provide a touch-activated experience and add play with a purpose to your kid’s wall.

Cool Calming Effect

Change the mood to calm any space teenagers hang out and study. The color variations light the space, calming teens to unwind and relax their minds.

Create Interactive Visuals

LED HEXlights are fully customizable to arrange in any design. Create something unique to customize your hang-out space. Each panel is touch activated for color and light mode options. Each module is touch activate. The visual output boosts and re-energizes creative thinking.

Functional and Fun

HEXlights are easy-to-install and mount to your wall or use as a desk light. There are endless configurations for design, video creation, mood-setting, and for use as night-lights.

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Interactive LED Modules

– Seven Hexagon LED Lights
– Three Connector Types for Assembly
– Remote Control
– Double-Sided Stickers for Wall + Stand For Table


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How To Use

  • Touch feature activates after 3 seconds of touch, and allows you to choose from 7 colors plus white, or transitioning from color to color.
  • Remote control gives you the options of 4 levels of brightness; 12 colors plus white; jump, fade, and flash modes; and even a 30-minute timer.
  • Choose your lighting setup to match your mood or space.


  • Create the perfect design using USB + plastic connectors. Time to get creative!
  • Use double-sided stickers to mount your design on the wall or on your desk for a creative lamp design.
  • Plug in and let the fun begin!


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