HEXlight Bluetooth includes over 200-programmed light effects, great for any mood! Easy control using either the included remote or your phone, using Bluetooth so no separate WiFi network is required!

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  • First, decide whether to attach the HEXlights modules to your wall or use the included stand to place them in your desired location. Make sure it is near enough to a power outlet.
  • If you attach the HEXlights to your wall, use the included adhesives to securely fix the modules in your desired pattern.
  • If you prefer to use the included stand, simply assemble it and attach it to your HEXlights modules to showcase your chosen design.
  • Once your HEXlights modules are arranged, plug the power adapter into an outlet and connect it to the first module to power up your HEXlights Bluetooth.
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How to Use

  • Follow the included instructions to assemble your HEXlights in any configuration, using the USB connectors (with arrows pointing away from plugged light). Download the Bluetooth App on your smartphone, and power up the assembled lights to pair them with your phone.
  • With over 200 pre-programmed light effects, you can select the perfect lighting for your mood or occasion using the HEXlights Bluetooth.
  • Control your HEXlights easily with the included remote or your phone. Adjust the color, brightness, and patterns without needing a separate WiFi network.
    The seven modules allow you to create countless color combinations by arranging them in various patterns for a unique lighting design.
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