Core Fit Hoop

Introducing the Emberela Core Fit Smart Hoop, an exciting new fitness tool that will help you gain core strength, and improve balance, all from the comfort of your home!

Simple and easy to use_

Exercise anytime, anywhere. There’s no need for larger, more expensive workout equipment thanks to our convenient and portable design. The weighted ball can be easily adjusted for different resistance levels.

Bag & exercise eBook included_

Never miss a workout. You can exercise in the park, on the beach, or even while travelling. Take your Core Fit Hoop with you using the included bag, and Use your smartphone to access the eBook so you can work out any time on your own schedule.

Adjustable Design Fits different Body types_

With 24 detachable segments and a magnetic quick lock, the weighted hoop is adjustable to waist sizes up to 47 inches—making it an ideal choice for larger athletes.

Multi functional Digital Counter_

Track your workouts with precise rep, calorie, and time display on the Smart Hoop. Set your own goals for a totally personalized workout.

A New Way to Spin_

Hula hooping has been around for generations in home gym equipment. But unlike the traditional weighted hula hoops of the past, the Emberela Core Fit Hoop is updated with new features that will amplify your workout.

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How To Use

First, add or remove segments of the hip belt to customize the size of the hoop. With the weighted ball attached to the belt, simply move your abs in a hula hooping motion. The eBook covers various  techniques so that you can get the most out of each workout.

The simple and easy-to-use design of the core Fit Hoop takes the traditional weighted hula hoop to the next level

In just a few seconds, you will be set up thanks to the quick-lock magnetic belt design. Begin spinning the adjustable-length weight using the same motion as hoola-hooping, and the multi-function digital counter tracks your reps, calories, and workout time. The adjustable-size design fits different body types with its modular interlocking hip belt. We also Included an eBook and drawstring bag, so you can take your workouts wherever you go!


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Great product!
The best weighted hula hoop, I've been working out for some days now, and I really love it. I had seen it in TikTok for a while and wasn't sure about it, but it fits comfortably and adapts perfectly to my body. It's great as exercise equipment to take everywhere with the bag which is really nice too, the perfect match.



Love this weighted hula hoop!
It's so easy to use, FUN and a great workout. Wanted to switch up my routine, and this has been great. I love that I can track my calories and reps...and it's portable and comes with a cute bag to store as well.

Lauren Ross - Project Village


Cool & funky fitness gadget
Where to start with this product?
It is definitely unusual and kind of sci-fi looking when we took it out of the box. My 10 year old and I had fun figuring it out, putting it on, adjusting the size and then trying some hula hooping. Did we look as cool as the person in the video? Definitely not. It takes some practice to get the weight going, and I'm not entirely sure if I'm getting a workout. We'll keep practicing and will update the review down the road.

Out of stock


Out of stock

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